Monday, January 15, 2007

Does it matter?

Do you believe God has a specific plan for you or is there a general plan? In other words, can you choose to do anything in life as long as it is not a "major" sin or is there a narrow path you are to choose? Some of those life choices are: college major, career, spouse, where to live, where to go to church, etc.

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Anonymous said...

i believe in both/and, i believe that God knows all, and that he does have a specific plan for His children, but i also believe that we cannot "surprise" God. i think, too often, that christians try and narrow God. That is where the Pharisee's went wrong. That believed that salvation came ONLY through the law(oral and written). i believe God's will comes as a direct calling to His elect, but i believe that same will could be a straight and narrow path, or a wide and free umbrella.