Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Made me think

I have just finished reading through Joshua. There are a couple of things that I discovered in my reading. First, God has a plan for his people. Even if his people get sidetracked, bogged down in sin, become disobedient or even blame God for things going wrong, God still has a plan. Secondly, I read that God wants us to have courage and to speak courage to others. To discourage someone is to take away their courage. We should encourage or impart courage from God to others. Finally, God's people should be more concerned with what God thinks of them and being obedient to God than anyone else.

After all the battles had been won in conquering the Promise Land, two and one-alf tribes of Israel were going home and before they crossed the Jordan River, they set stones up as a reminder for their children and the other tribes children to remember that they were family. However, the other 10 tribes of Israel did not know what the stone structure meant and were going to kill the two and one-half tribes to prevent God's wrath. After a brief meeting, the meaning of the stones was understood and appreciated by the ten tribes. The point is that they would rather lose family than sin against God.

This made me think. Are we more concerned with the acceptance and approval of others, including family, or of following God?

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